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Organic Abenaki Ground Cherry


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Product Description

An Abenaki ground cherry variety from Vermont from Fred Wiseman’s project – Seeds of Renewal. We got the original seed from Le Noyau. It  is a small round berry with a husk, sweet and very popular at our farmer’s markets. Children love them too. It is a member of the tomato family and bears golden berries. Plants have lots of branches, are self supporting, and look like small tomatillos.  They will often self seed too. We have found ground cherries growing wild in Central Ontario on an old farmstead. They can be eaten raw, dried like raisins, frozen, or made into preserves and pies.  Plant ½ cm (1/4”) deep. Transplant out and space about 60 cm (2’) apart as plants have a wide spread. They do not need support but look graceful in the garden  Full sun to part shade. lot#gca28u  75 days,  0.08g/approximately 100  seeds.     


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