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At Urban Harvest, we are dedicated to providing our customers with certified organic seeds, seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Everything we sell is 100% certified organic.

Our organic and heirloom varieties are specially chosen for their unique qualities for both urban gardens and market gardeners. All of our seedlings are grown in or near the Greater Toronto Area to support the economies of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.


Our on-line store is open 24 hours a day


Please find us at:

 Toronto's oldest organic farmers' market. will be returning April 4 2024

Dufferin Grove Park

Come find us in Toronto every week at

The Stop Farmers' Market Saturdays . 8am-1pm 601 Christie St

Vacination passports are no longer required

Our online store offers a secure, convenient way to shop for all of your favourite organic seeds and heirloom seeds. We can ship all of our seeds and soil amendments throughout Canada with the exception of plants.


If you would like to contact us,
please call our store (during office hours) at 416-523-2236, or email: