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Organic Non-GMO Muncher Burpless Cucumber

Organic Non-GMO Muncher Burpless Cucumber




Product Description

This cucumber has smooth skin and 15-20cm (7-9”) long, fruits. Strong vigorous vines produce prolific, tender, not bitter or tough, burpless cucumbers.  An ideal slicer or pickler with good disease resistance. Looks and tastes like a small English Cucumber. Sow seeds at a minimum soil temperature of 21 degrees cent.  Indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost, or plant out once soil has warmed up. Outdoor temperatures of less than 20 degrees can severely affect the plant’s productivity. Sow seeds 3-6cm apart and 1 cm deep. Cucumbers like well drained,  rich soil. Trellis to support the plants and water consistently especially when the fruits are forming.  Nasturtiums, radishes, marigolds, sunflowers peas, beets, carrots, and dill  are good companions to cucumbers. Don’t plant in close proximity to tomatoes or sage. 60 days. Full sun to part shade.     1g/approximately 40 seeds.       


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