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Organic Non-GMO Gallardia 'Blanket Flower'

Organic Non-GMO Gallardia 'Blanket Flower'



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Product Description

This perennial wildflower is widespread across much of North America. A member of the sunflower family, its name may have come from the colourful petals that resemble First Nations blankets or the fact that it will self seed and once blanketed the prairie landscape, Won’t be eaten by deer. Just barely cover seed with a light soil and keep moist until germination.  Or plant inside 4-6 weeks before the last frost and transplant or thin to stand 15-30cm (6-12inches) apart. Cut back clups to 20cm or 6inces in the fall to increase chances of winter survival. Clumps can be divided  3 years. Drought tolerant, but likes moist soil too. Full sun, zone 3-10.  Perennial. Heirloom. Germination 96%; lot#fg26  0.11g/approximately 40 seeds.


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