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Organic Non-GMO Diamond Eggplant




Product Description

This is an excellent eggplant for all your favourite eggplant dishes. Produces in clusters on short plants. Very good choice for Canadian gardeners. Fruit has mild flavor not  bitter and has a lovely creamy texture. Start eggplants indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Plant 1/2-1 cm (1/4”-1/2”) deep in flats and germinate at 30 degrees cent. Transplant outdoors 30-45 cm (12”-18”) apart in rows 45-90 cm (15”-36”) apart when temperatures are at least 25 degrees cent. Do not over-fertilize.  Brought to North America by Seed Savers Exchange from the Ukraine in 1993. Heirloom. Full sun. Approximately 74 days.   0.18g/approximately 50 seeds           


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