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Organic Non-GMO Fiariello Sweet Pepper




Product Description

Fiarielo is the famous sweet frying pepper of Napoli Italy. Highly productive plants produce long cone shaped peppers that are fried or pickled but also delicious fresh. Sweet distinctive flavour.Can be eaten at the green or red stages. Start peppers indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Plant 1/2-1 cm (1/4”-1/2”) deep in flats and germinate at 30 degrees cent. Before transplanting, harden off by reducing water and temperature for 2-3 days and then transplant outdoors 30-45 cm (12”-18”) apart  rows 45-90 cm (15”-36”) apart. Peppers love heat   Rare, Heirloom 65-75  days.. 0.4g/approx. 50 seeds.
Tip: Soak pepper seed in water  overnight to speed up germination.


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