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Organic Non-GMO Poppy Jimi's Purple Haze




Product Description

This is such a beautiful flower, it is a must in the ornamental garden. Very delicate lilac jagged  petals above coarsely-cut grey leaves. Poppies do not like to be transplanted so sow in place. Spread seed on fast-draining soil in fall or very early spring or late fall. Barely cover with light soil. Keep moist. Thin out to  15 cm (6”) apart. Alternatively, sow outdoors in September to flower early the following spring. Hardier than most other varieties. Approximately 60 cm (2’) tall. Flowers: June to September Full sun .   Self seeding Annual                         0.14g/Approximately  300 seeds.

ps. This is a great substition for our old Blue Breadseed Poppy


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    By: MARTIN L. August 11, 2020
    Very beautiful colour, with delicate, deeply serrated petals. We were hoping more would come up from last year, but every one is a joy. Jimi is well-remembered by this flower.