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Organic Non-GMO Howden Pumpkin




Product Description

Start seed indoors in May to give your plants a head start or direct sow in hills of  3 - 5 seeds per hill and 90-150 cm (3’-5’) apart, when soil has warmed. All of the cucurbits like warm soil. Large pumpkins 35cm (14) tall by 20cm (8) in diameter often weigh 10kg ( 20-25 lbs) or more. They need plenty of moisture, compost and space. Bright orange skin, bright yellow-orange flesh. Delicious for pies. Let only 1-2 pumpkins develop per vine for largest size. Mulch when plants are 3-5 cm (1-2”) high.   120 days.  5g/Approx. 25 seeds.



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