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Organic Blue Fenugreek


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Product Description

We received a packet of these Blue Fenugreek seeds from Switzerland via the wonderful bake Dawn Woodward of Evelyn’s Crackers. We were also encouraged to grow them out by Naomi Duguid who mentions its use in her book “A Taste of Persia”  An essential ingredient in a Georgian specialty spice mix called  khmeli suneli. It has green leaves much like other fenugreek but blue flowers and its enticing caramel fragrance. We loved the plant and so did the bees. Since we had a drought,  the plants were only about 45cm (18”) high. We suspect they might grow taller with more irrigation. Sow seeds when all danger of frost has passed, or inside 4 weeks earlier. 1/2 cm(1/4”) deep. Full sun


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