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Organic Non-GMO Dwarf Grey Snow Pea




Product Description

Pisum sativum. Introduced in 1892.These early maturing plants produce tender and crisp green 5-7cm (2-2 1/2 inch)long stringless snow peas, after purple flowers. Plants grow from 60- 90 cm. (2-3 feet)and do not require staking. Often grown for pea sprouts and for their tender leaves flowers and tendrils. 57-60 days.14g/approximately 65 seeds. Photo by


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    By: Crystal G. June 07, 2020
    Grown this year after year now for... 4 or so years and always a favourite. Sweet green flavour and wonderful stirfried, if they make it to the kitchen. Beautiful flowers as well and you can easily plant them in tightly to pick for shoots early in the spring.