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Organic Non-GMO Arugula Wild

Organic Non-GMO Arugula Wild




Product Description

Wild Arugula is a relative of the cultivated arugula but it has a slightly stronger more complex flavour and more deeply indented leaves. A spicy  green used for cooking or salads. This is an absolute essential in our garden. Make pesto too by substituting ½ Arugula and ½ Parsley for basil in your traditional pesto recipe. Experiment with different nuts. We like almonds. The flowers and green seed pods are also edible. Plants are slightly shorter than regular arugula and the leaves are best picked at 5-15 cm (2”-6”). Sow seeds continuously throughout the season for constant harvest. Broadcast seeds lightly or plant 1/2 cm (1/4”) deep and after germination, thin to every 20cm (8”). 40 days. Self-seeds.   Approximately  0.08g/approximately 300 seeds.


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