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Organic Basil Sacred/Tulsi


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Product Description

Ocimum sanctum. Sacred or Holy bail is also known as Tulsi Basil. It has medium sized leaves with a very strong clove scent. It is an adaptogen in Ayurvedic medicine. It was also used by the Romans and Greeks as a medicinal herb. Used mostly as a tea, it has a very calming effect. According to information from GreenMed " Regular consumption of tulsi tea may therefore increase resistance to the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, in addition to being recommended as a good strategy to promote longevity and enhance physical and mental health." Seems like a cup of Holy Basil tea is not only delicious but very good for us too. It is the hardiest of the basils, even withstanding light frosts. This basil is grown in almost every temple and home garden in India and will delight you as you brush against it on your own garden walks. Wonderful nectar source for bees. Certified organic like all of our seeds. Annual but sometimes self-seeds. Approximately 200 seeds.


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