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Organic Non-GMO Prudens Purple Tomato


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Product Description

A large potato leaf variety. Pinkish/purple in colour., blemish free, excellent sweet flavour and few seeds. Easily rivals a Brandywine  and much tastier. The vines produce ample amounts  of 400g, slightly flattened, blemish-free, fruit with few tomato seeds and excellent flavor. The flesh is firm and meaty and it never cracks though the skin is thin.
Start seeds indoors  4-5 weeks before last frost. Transplant after danger of frost has passed, 30-45cm (1-1 1/2’) apart in rows 45-90cm (1 1/2-3’) apart. Indeterminate. Heirloom,  Will need to be  staked.  Early season,      70-80 days. Indeterminate. Heirloom. 0.15g/approximately 60 seeds


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