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Organic Non-GMO Stinging Nettle




Product Description

Urtica dioica. Nettle tea makes a useful natural fertilizer. Try growing a patch of nettle in the wild corner of your garden. Feed to your compost to enrich it. Soaked in water for a few days and then diluted and sprayed on plants in need of a boost, it will strengthen the plant by adding its minerals to the soil. A little watered around tomato plants will do the trick. Don't forget to steam some for yourself in the early spring as a great blood tonic. Nettles are high in Vitamin C, chlorophyl, iron and calcium. Pick with your gloves on to avoid the sting. Perennial. 0.05g/Approximately 100 seeds. Photo by Laura Berman CHILL SEED BEFORE SOWING TO IMPROVE GERMINATION


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