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Organic Non-GMO Chinese 5 Colour Hot Pepper




Product Description

Capsicum annuum. The seed for this pepper is very rare. In fact , in 2005, we found it impossible to find due to a fire at our supplier's farm. Thanks to Reema from Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market, who overheard us telling a customer to bring pepper plants indoors for the winter to continue harvesting peppers, Reema brought her Chinese 5 Colour plant indoors (she had no other pepper plants to cross pollinate) and it produced peppers through the winter for her. When she heard that we couldn't find seed, she gave us some ripe peppers from her plant. Kim Delaney grew them out in her greenhouse in that summer of 2005 and we have been growing them ourselves ever since. So now we have our seed again thanks to Reema our urban seed saver extraordinaire. Just goes to show the power of seed saving even in the city. The plant produces many small very hot peppers. Staring out purple they turn to pale yellow , pink, orange and then red. Very beautiful. Heirloom, Rare. 0.15g/approximately 25-30 seeds. Photo by Llaura Berman -


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    By: Samantha B. July 31, 2020
    Very strong grower. Thick multinodal branching (I topped) makes this a sturdy bush. Beautiful colours on small fruits that grow upward. Excellent germination rate.