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Organic Non-GMO Baby Brassica Greens Mix




Product Description

"Bring on the Brassicas! From the homely turnip to stately chard and elegant watercress, this huge family of vegetables offers great taste, plenty of fibre and lots of cancer-fighting plant chemicals" - Canadian Health Mag.
This greens mix is a colourful combination of brassica greens that can be harvested between 3-6 weeks. Ideal for a stir-fry or those gardeners without the space for full sized broccoli and cabbage. Get you anti-oxidents in miniature form. They still pack a punch. Great for direct sowing in the ground or in containers. Contains Broccoli Raab, Cress, Red Kale, Chard, Baby Pak Choy, Arugula,Tatsoi, Mustard. Approximately 500 seeds.


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