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Organic Non-GMO Stinging Nettle




Product Description

Urtica dioica. Nettle tea makes a useful natural fertilizer. Try growing a patch of nettle in the wild corner of your garden. Feed to your compost to enrich it. Soaked in water for a few days and then diluted and sprayed on plants in need of a boost, it will strengthen the plant by adding its minerals to the soil. A little watered around tomato plants will do the trick. Don't forget to steam some for yourself in the early spring as a great blood tonic. Nettles are high in Vitamin C, chlorophyl, iron and calcium. Pick with your gloves on to avoid the sting. Perennial. 0.05g/Approximately 100 seeds. Photo by Laura Berman CHILL SEED BEFORE SOWING TO IMPROVE GERMINATION


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    By: Dorota Han August 19, 2015
    Be very careful about planting nettle in your back yard. This plant will spread rampantly and while it has many health benefits it should be avoided around small kids and pets because of it's painful sting. With lots of light this plant will also grow incredibly tall. This plant will spread not only through seed but through runners (roots) in the soil, so planting it in a restricted planter is a wiser choice. Pinch the seeds off before they have a chance to self seed.