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Organic Non-GMO Sugar Snap Pea

Organic Non-GMO Sugar Snap Pea




Product Description

Sweet, crunchy pods and a long picking season make this snap pea a grower favorite. Pick flavourful pods when plump. Vigorous vines reach close to 2 m. and need trellising. Tall 150-210 cm vine yields many sweet and crunchy pods. They grow well in our northern climate. The tender pods like to produce early so plant in April as soon as the soil can be worked. Plant 1 cm deep and 4 cm apart. Be sure to provide a trellis or string to support the climbing vines. Harvest continually to encourage further yields. When my adult son was only 2 years old, he would always stop in the garden to munch on fresh sugar snap peas right off the vine. 62 days. 10g/Approximately 35 seeds.


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