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Organic Non-GMO Indigo Apple Tomato

Organic Non-GMO Indigo Apple Tomato




Product Description

These little tomatoes are probably one of the prettiest open-pollinated cherry tomatoes you’ll experience. Orange in colour pink to golden stripes. Very productive and vigorous. Sweet taste and resistant to cracking. They produced very  well even in our cool damp summer. Sprinkle them on salads or pasta, partially dry for snacking all winter long. That will remind you of the sweet tastes of summer. Plant at least 4 weeks before the last frost, 1/2 cm (¼ “) deep. Transplant when all danger of frost has passed. Burying the seedlings a little deeper outside than they were indoors will encourage more roots and give more support to the plant. Indeterminate.  70 days from transplanting.   0.1g/ Approx. 50 seeds.


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