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Organic Non-GMO Cajun Jewel Spineless Okra




Product Description

Cajun Jewel is a spineless variety, similar to the well-known Clemson. Introduced by SESE in 1989, it is a good variety for northern gardeners as it handles our cooler climate better than others. The pods can be up to 7” long, but are best harvested at 2 to 3 inches. It  tastes great, with a firm but tender texture. You can also eat the leaves! Harvesting is easy due to their spineless nature. Because okra seeds do not germinate well in cool soils, plant seeds after the soil has warmed in the spring, probably a week to 10 days after the last frost date. Sow seeds 2 cm (1 “)  deep in hills 30-60 cm (12” to 24 “) apart. When the seedlings are 3” tall, thin all but the one strongest plant per hill. The seeds may be soaked, wrapped in moist paper towelling or in water overnight, to accelerate germination.

55 days. Germination 85%. Lot#ocj27  3.5 g/approximately 60 seeds.


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