Organic Non-GMO Marketmore 76 Cucumber




Product Description

Marketmore cucumbers are long time favourite cucumbers. They are very dependable and the most widely planted open-pollinated cucumber in North America. 15-20 cm. long straight cucumbers for slicing. A favourite of market gardeners. Multiple disease resistances: Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Scab and Cucumber Mosaic Virus. 58 days Sow seeds at a minimum soil temperature of 21 degrees cent.  After all risk of frost has passed. Outdoor temperatures of less than 20 degrees can severely affect the plant’s productivity. Sow seeds 3-6cm apart and 1 cm deep. Cucumbers like well drained,  rich soil. Trellis to support the plants and water consistently especially when the fruits are forming.  58-70 days         1g/approximately 35 seeds.


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