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Organic Non-GMO Marketmore 80 Cucumber




Product Description

Marketmore cucumbers are long time favourite cucumbers. This variety was developed by Dr. Munger of Cornell.They are very dependable and the most widely planted open-pollinated cucumber in North America. 15-20 cm. long straight cucumbers for slicing. A favourite of market gardeners. Multiple disease resistances: Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Scab and Cucumber Mosaic Virus. Sow seeds at a minimum soil temperature of 21 degrees cent.  After all risk of frost has passed. Outdoor temperatures of less than 20 degrees can severely affect the plant’s productivity. Sow seeds 3-6cm apart and 1 cm deep. Cucumbers like well drained,  rich soil. Trellis to support the plants and water consistently especially when the fruits are forming.  56 days         1g/approximately 35 seeds.


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