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Organic Non-GMO Larkspur Galilee Mix


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Product Description

Consolida ambigua. Members of the Delfinium family. Big beautiful pink, blue, white and lilac blooms on vigourous plants to 1-2 metres tall, that bloom quickly from seed. The blooms open from the bottom of the spire up, so the top is still in bud while the bottom is in full flower, giving you weeks of production from every spike. Very good choice for dried flowers and for fresh cutting with a productive blanching habit. Sow seeds 1cm -1/4” deep in early spring in cool soil or place in damp paper towel, in a zip lock bag, in the fridge for 1-2 weeks (This will improve germination). An excellent cut flower or use for dried flower arrangements. Annual, flowers July to October. Full sun to part shade.   80-90 days. Annual. 0.25g/ Approximately 70 seeds. 


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