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Organi Non-GMO Edamame Martin's

Organi Non-GMO Edamame Martin's


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Product Description

The delicious beans you may have eaten at a Sushi restaurant. Eaten lightly steamed and salted. Boil 3-5 minutes, chill and shell. Approximately 3 beans per pod. They freeze very well so put up some of your harvest for winter eating. Plant seeds when all danger of frost has passed. Plant 10 cm  apart  &  2 cm  deep in rows ½ to 1 metre apart. Or, plant in raised beds 1 seed every 10 cm apart. This will maximize your planting space.  90 cm tall vines produce lots of pods, ripening from the end of August into September.  90 days . Grown beautifully by Matin Driesse. 50g/.Approximately 270 seeds


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