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Organic Non-GMO Paris Island Cos Lettuce


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Product Description

A well-known heirloom ‘romaine’ type lettuce. Crisp leaves and sweet flavour. Uniform heads are large, about 24 cm (10”) tall, with deep green outer leaves and a creamy white heart. Medium to slow bolting. 70-75 days for full heads. They will grow in light shade. Sow seeds in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Continue to sow about every 3 weeks or harvest outer leaves when a few inches in height. Seeds should not be buried deeply, but lightly raked into the soil. Ideal sowing is one seed every 7 cm squared, but many people sow seeds more thickly and thin after germination. Plant in the early spring or fall for full heads, anytime for small greens. Good companion to cabbage, carrots, chives, onions and beets.   0.45/approximately 400 seeds.


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