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Organic Non-GMO Yellow Currant Tomato


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Product Description

 Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium  A tomato variety apparently found growing from a crack in a sidewalk in Indiana in the mid 1900's. Prune hard or let ramble. This variety and our Matt's Wild Cherry have become popular with florists too for their delicate plant form. This is also the variety that convinced my son Pablo to try yellow tomatoes. We had a big pot of them growing in the greenhouse to snak on. He devoured them and there was no turning back. Great for kids of all ages. They are tiny round yellow ½” fruit are borne in clusters. Pick whole trusses to prevent cracking. Delicious tomato flavour while remaining low in acid.  65 days. Indeterminat. Heirloom. 0.1g/Approx. 50 seeds


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