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Organic Non-GMO Tomato Solanum atropurpureum



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Product Description

This is one of the most striking plants we have ever grown. Always being asked for something to keep the racoons away form our city gardens and knowing that racoons do not like the feel of prickly things, we decided to try some of these solanums. They grew to 150 cm (5 feet). Strong upright plants that do not require staking and looked like it was the middle of June in late October when everything else (except the kale) had been killed by frost. In fact they will withstand up to -10 C for a few nights. They are not edible and are covered in deep burgundy/purple thorns on their purple stems. The leaves and fruit also have thorns. Not recommended for a children's garden. The fruit starts out green with darker green stripes but matures to orange and measures about 1.5 - 2cm (.5 inch)across. Solanum atropurpureum is also known as Five-Minute Plant, Purple Devil and Malevolence. Highly ornamental. 50 seeds


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