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Organic Non-GMO Dyer's Chamomile



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Product Description

Native to Europe, Dyer’s Chamomile is a perennial flower hardy to -15 C but has been know to survive colder temperatures. Blooms in July and August but perhaps longer in climates warmer than Southern Ontario. In order to have more the following year, dead-head to encourage more blooms. Used primarily as a dye plant but also very attractive in the flower garden. Tolerant of most soils even Maritime conditions but does prefer full sun, and well drained soil. Plant directly on the soil surface with a very light covering of soil. This can be done inside and the seedlings can then be transplanted out in the spring or direct sow the seeds as soon as the soil starts to warm up pressing the seeds into the soil surface. Grows to 2.5-3feet.   0.1g/approximately 150  Seeds.




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